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Welcome to The RF™ Self Study Training Programs:

In response to heightened interest in a Superior Standard of Care, DALBAR has made its online training available for Advisors, Fiduciaries and Compliance Officers.

Best Interest Contract Exemption (BICE) Self Study...get up-to-date now on BICE and/or the potential alternatives to implementing BICE.

Also included in the BICE Self Study is a profit-based pricing model calculator for computing reasonable compensation. The calculator was developed to extend the boundaries of traditional AUM pricing in which clients are charged an arbitrary basis point fee, independent of the cost of servicing the client. It enables you to determine and set a price that makes each client profitable based on your skills, costs, time, expense, overhead and risks.

Choices & Solutions based on the Fiduciary Rule, now the “law of the land,” financial institutions and professionals must choose a future course of business.




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